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Toontown Central
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NPC: Maxwell
Streets: Banter Boulevard, Silly Street, Punchline Place, Loopy Lane
Connections: Pirate Port, Meadowville, Sing Song Square. Lost Central

Toontown Central is the first playground in the Tooniversal Studios taskline. It is located at the top right corner of Toontown, and hosts four streets. Toontown Central is notorious for having the lowest levels of cogs roaming these streets. As such, Cog Buildings rarely appear in this playground. However, it is possible, though they will never be beyond 3 stories.



Dova is a painter who stands outside of Toon Hall. If you approach her, she gives you the option to change your glove color in exchange for Jellybeans. Each color costs 2000 jellybeans.


Like every playground, Toontown Central features a fishing pond. Extremely light and common fish are found in this pond (i.e., balloonfish, catfish, etc).


  • Initially, a blue bear named "Brisbane" walked around Toontown Central. Brisbane belonged to Tooniversal Staff member ShibuiPika.
  • Despite being called "Toontown Central," this playground is not in the center of Toontown.
  • This is the only playground (so far) that leads to Lost Central.