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Tooniversal Studios Wiki

Tooniversal Studios is actively worked on and maintained by a group of passionate volunteers from around the world. They have the ability to appear as Cast Members in-game in order to interact with the community. They can also activate events known as "Silly Surges" which can give Toons currency as well a starting a Double XP/Merit multiplier and makes the VP weaker. The staff are not to be confused with Broadway Pixels, LLC, Broadway's own company which is separate from the staff of Tooniversal Studios.


  • Devious - Director of Tooniversal Studios

International Team

  • Romeo - German Translator
  • Glitzerclown - German Translator
  • Aibon - Japanese Translator

Development Team

  • Disyer - Development Team Lead
    • Frizzy - Game Programmer
    • Ooowoo - Game Programmer

Creative Team

  • Daniel - 3D Artist
  • Vinnie - Concept Artist

Community Team

  • Dar - Community Manager
    • January34 - Community Representative
    • Adam - Community Representative
    • Cranky - Community Representative

Moderation Team

  • Sadie - Game Moderation Lead
    • Bella - Game Moderator
    • Jackler - Game Moderator
    • Fabian - Discord Moderator
    • January34 - Game Moderator
    • Jake - Game Moderator
    • Snow Drift - Game Moderator

Support Team

  • Devious - Support Team Lead
    • Fabian - Support Representative