Tooniversal Studios is actively worked on and maintained by a group of passionate volunteers from around the world. They have the ability to appear as Cast Members in-game in order to interact with the community. They can also activate events known as "Silly Surges" which can give Toons currency as well a starting a Double XP/Merit multiplier and makes the VP weaker. The staff are not to be confused with Broadway Pixels, LLC, Broadway's own company which is separate from the staff of Tooniversal Studios. Probationary/Trial Staff Members are not included in this list.


  • Broadway Pixels - President of Tooniversal Studios

International Team

  • Romeo - German Translator
  • Glitzerclown - German Translator
  • Aibon - Japanese Translator

Development Team

  • Disyer - Development Team Lead
    • Frizzy - Game Programmer
    • Ooowoo - Game Programmer

Creative Team

  • Daniel - 3D Artist
  • Vinnie - Concept Artist
  • Jonny - Concept Artist

Community Team

  • Dar - Community Manager
    • January34 - Community Representative

Moderation Team

  • Devious - Game Moderator
  • Bella - Game Moderator
  • Jackler - Game Moderator
  • Sadie - Game Moderator
  • Fabian - Discord Moderator
  • January34 - Game Moderator
  • Jake - Game Moderator
  • Snow Drift - Game Moderator

Support Team

  • Devious - Support Team Lead
    • Fabian - Support Representative
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