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View of the entire playground

Raceway Ridge is a playground in Tooniversal Studios where Toons can race each other in karts. Unlike Toontown Online, this area is treated as an entire playgroud with its own taskline. Toons can collect Cog suit parts for their Lawbot and Bossbot disguises by completing the Toontasks. Teleport access is automatically granted upon entering the area for the first time.

Players can access this area by going through the tire-shaped tunnel in Toontown Central. There are also 2 entirely new tracks to race on, including the reverse versions of them. There is a royal blue hedgehog roaming around the playground named Midge. There is also a kart shop near the entrance that sells karts and kart accessories to Toons that allow them to race on the tracks. In between all the tracks, there is a leaderboard that shows the top 10 scores for each track (daily, weekly, and all-time). Unclaimed slots will be claimed by Goofy. There are no treasures for Toons to collect and regain Laff and Toons passively regenerate 1 Laff point while in the playground.

There is also a treasure chest inside the kart shop where Toons can spend Tickets to buy race-themed clothing.


Toons can race each other in two different ways: practice races and battle races. Practice races can be soloed, but battle races require at least two Toons. Battle races also give out more Tickets, but require players to deposit Tickets first. Battle races also have item boxes that allow Toons to enhance the race by giving themselves benefits or giving negative consequences to other racers. Toons can earn racing trophies by participating and qualifying in battle races. Toons who do not meet the qualifying time for each race will not earn any rewards for completing it and may even be kicked out of the race completely without refunding their deposited Tickets. Whenever a Toons claims a spot on the leaderboard, they will be awarded bonus tickets.

Racetrack Types

There are four different types of racetracks in Raceway Ridge. Three of which come from Toontown Online and one that is unique to Tooniversal Studios: Stadium, Urban, Rural, and Cog. Each type of racetrack has two different tracks, along with the reverse versions of them.


Stadium Tracks

Stadium has the Screwball Stadium and Corkscrew Coliseum tracks. The qualify time for Screwball Stadium is 4:00:00 while the qualify time for Corkscrew Coliseum is 5:35:00. These tracks are considered the easiest tracks in the game, with Screwball Stadium being the easier of the two. Toons can earn up to six racing trophies from the Stadium races by qualifying and winning 1, 10, and 25 races respectively in any Stadium track.

Rural Tracks


Rural has the Rustic Raceway and Airborne Acres tracks. The qualify time for Rustic Raceway is 6:00:00 and Toons must deposit 100 Tickets to race. The qualify time for Airborne Acres is 8:00:00 and Toons must deposit 150 Tickets to race. These tracks are considered medium difficulty, with Rustic Raceway being the easier of the two. Toons can earn up to six racing trophies from the Rural races by qualifying and winning 1, 10, and 25 races respectively in any Rural track.


Urban Tracks

Urban has the City Circuit and Blizzard Boulevard tracks. The qualify time City Circuit is 8:00:00 and Toons must deposit 300 tickets to race, The qualify time for Blizzard Boulevard is 8:00:00 and Toons must deposit 400 Tickets to race. These tracks are considered to be hard difficulty due to their length, with City Circuit being the easier of the two. Toons can earn up to six racing trophies from the Urban races by qualifying and winning 1, 10, and 25 races respectively in any Urban track.


Cog Tracks

Like all the other racetrack types, there are two Cog-themed racetracks that are exclusive to Tooniversal Studios. These racetracks are Cog-nundrum Castle and Cog-nundrum Condo. Unlike, the other tracks, the Cog tracks are found in between the Toontown Central and Victory Lane tunnels near the Kart Shop whileThe qualify time for Cog-nundrum Castle is 4:00:00 and Toons must deposit 50 Tickets to race. The qualify time for Cog-nundrum Condo is 5:35:00 and Toons must deposit 75 Tickets to race. These tracks are considered to be the hardest tracks as they have a strange and unusual layout that may confuse a lot of players. they seem to be equal in difficulty for their own reasons. Toons can earn up to six racing trophies from the Cog races by qualifying and winning 1, 10, and 25 races respectively in any Cog track.

Because the addition of these Cog tracks also causes there to be six more racing trophies than Toontown Online, players must also collect these extra six trophies to gain all three grand trophies and earn all three Laff points. Players must earn 12, 24, and 36 racing trophies respectively to earn each grand trophy and Laff point.

Grand Prix

On Mondays and some hours on Saturday, Raceway Ridge holds the Grand Prix. During the Grand Prix, Battle races are replaced with Tournaments. In tournaments, players must run through one race of each racetrack type, and whoever has the most wins in the end wins the tournament. Tournaments are required for some racing trophies. The tracks the player is given depends on the length of the track they started with. The shorter tracks for each type are together, with Screwball Stadium, Rustic Raceway, City Circuit, and Cog-nundrum Castle being in a tournament. The longer tracks for each type are also together, with Corkscrew Coliseum, Airborne Acres, Blizzard Boulevard, and Cog-nundrum Condo being in a tournament. The order goes as such: Stadium, Rural, Urban, Cog. The same orders also apply to the reverse tracks. Six trophies can be earned from tournaments by qualifying and winning 1, 5, and 10 tournaments respectively.

Trophy Guide

Trophy Chart

*Note that Stadium races are labelled as Speedway races on the chart.


Cog Building on Speedy Street

There are two streets on Raceway Ridge named Speedy Street and Victory Lane, both of which do not currently lead anywhere. Both streets have very high Cog levels, which range between 7-11. Both streets have the same Cog percentages of 80% Cashbot and 5% all others. The maps for both streets also do not currently work, as they only display a cloud that says "Unknown Area," along with the Cog percentages. Cog Buildings can spawn on these streets, albeit rarely.

Victory Lane is currently still a work in progress as the Toon buildings do not all have names.


Music Track Description File Location
Plays in the playground phase_6\audio\bgm\GS_SZ.ogg
Plays in the playground at night (unused)* phase_6\audio\bgm\GS_SZ_Night.ogg
Plays in shops phase_6\audio\bgm\GS_KartShop.ogg
Plays on the streets phase_6\audio\bgm\GZ_SZ.ogg
Plays in Stadium tracks phase_6\audio\ngm\GS_Race_SS.ogg
Plays in Rural tracks phase_6\audio\ngm\GS_Race_RR.ogg
Plays in Urban tracks phase_6\audio\ngm\GS_Race_CC.ogg

*As there is no day/night cycle in Raceway Ridge, this theme currently never plays.


  • Because there can be level 10s and 11s on the streets, players may see 1-story buildings spawn on the street. This is due to a coding error that originated from Toontown Online. Each Cog Building has a difficulty rating based on the level of the Cog that took it over. This rating can only go up to level 9, so if any Cog above level 9 takes over a Toon building, the game has to take data from a boss battle in order to create a Cog Building with that difficulty, Difficulty 10 takes data from the first round of a V.P. and difficulty 11 takes data from the second round of a V.P., allowing there to be multiple level 12s in the building, along with there being a level range of 1-12, which normally is not possible in Cog Buildings.

    Cog Building on Victory Lane

  • Victory Lane's building extensions are not properly bound to the shops, causing Cog Buildings to only take over the shop itself and not any of the extensions.
  • If a Toon enters Raceway Ridge from Welcome Valley, they will be unable to interact with anything and teleport access will not be granted. They will still be able to traverse the streets, but no Cogs or Cog Buildings will be present.


  • Because Raceway Ridge connects directly to Toontown Central and has extremely high Cogs, low Toons should be cautious when entering the streets.
  • The music for the streets is also used for the Golf Resort.
    • Additionally, the music for the shops is also used for Peaceful Park shops.
  • The Cog racetracks are very unusual compared to the other tracks as they have a lot of 90º turns, visually inaccurate wall collisions, and unique structuring/pathing that doesn't match with the other tracks. One example is the use of ramps on one of the courses that the Toons need to do a 90º turn onto in order to get over a wall, but the sides of the ramps have no collisions to stop the Toons from falling off. This is the main reason why they are considered the hardest despite having a the same qualify times and deposit amounts as Stadium races.
    • The structure and pathing is very similar to what one might see in a Mario Kart game where there are many complex turns and track features.
  • Toons can have up to 99999 racing tickets. Any more tickets earned will be discarded.
  • Kart accessories and types do not give any advantage in races. They are simply cosmetic.


Kart Shop interior

Treasure Chest Shop

Kart menu