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Pirate Port
Pirate Port.jpeg
NPC: Gulliver
Streets: Barnacle Boulevard, Seaweed Street, Shipyard Street, Lighthouse Lane
Connections: Winter Wonderland, Toontown Central, Meadowville. Peaceful Park

Pirate Port (formerly Donald's Dock in Toontown Online) is the second playground in the main taskline. It is located southwest of Toontown Central, and hosts 4 streets and one playground entrance. Pirate Port is the first playground where Cog Buildings regularly appear.



Like all playgrounds, Pirate Port has a fishing pond - though this playground's pond is embedded into the lake that encompasses the majority of the landscape. Toons can cast their rods off of the dock to catch new fish, including species like Starfish and Catfish.

The Boat

Pirate Port's NPC, Gulliver, can be seen sinking his ship in the middle of the playground. The boat is accessible, but immobile - differing from its Toontown Online counterpart that could be ridden around the lake.


  • Initially, Pirate Port's boat-sinking NPC was none other than the Toontown streamer, Smirky Bumberpop. He was removed and replaced with Gulliver.