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Welcome to the Tooniversal Studios Manual of Style! In order to make our wiki as pretty as possible, we have a few guidelines regarding how articles should be written. This guide will take you through not only how to format articles, but also how to format pictures and infoboxes as well.


Text Formatting

When making a new article or adding to an existing one, make sure you follow these steps when formatting your text:

  • Article text MUST be left-aligned
  • The first time the name of the page shows up in the article, it must be Bolded
  • Hyperlinks to other articles must show up only ONCE when another article is mentioned


  • Articles should be written in sections. The first section, the "general overview" part, does not need a heading. However, all sections after the infobox and general overview must be broken into sections, using the "header, sub heading, etc" functions at the top left of the toolbar
  • Trivia sections are welcome on this wiki. If you see an article with a long trivia section, feel free to make a separate page for Trivia about the article's subject in the format "Article Title/Trivia".


  • There is no specific alignment needed for images, as long as the text is LEGIBLE and wraps around the image appropriately
  • The manner it which the image wraps is up to you, but please do try to make it aesthetically pleasing. PLEASE wrap the text appropriately, or it kills the whole look of the page.


  • Infoboxes should always be right-aligned (most are already built to do so)
  • Infoboxes always go at the top of the page, next to the opening "main overview" paragraph.
  • Not all pages need infoboxes. If a page you are working on does not require one, feel free to leave it out. However, this is for very rare cases. If confused, ask a Wiki Administrator